Babies don’t come with an individual handbook – you could read all the books available, attend all the antenatal classes and still have something occur that wasn’t covered. Moreover as time passes I’ve realised just how much isn’t talked about, things happened that were totally unexpected and the only place I could find remotely useful information was via trusty google SO I’m sharing my experiences for others who are looking at 3am in the morning whilst cuddling their new baby.

I have based my writing upon my own experiences, beliefs and research regarding the topics covered. I am not medically trained or a professional nutritionist or otherwise qualified. The information on this website is not intended to be interpreted as medical advice. All diet and lifestyle choices are your own, if unsure you should take advice from a relevant professional. Use any information that you derive from it appropriately and at your own risk.

Our Story

Our baby, Arabella, has multiple hemangiomas that are currently being treated with propranolol and are significantly reducing in size. As they had affected her neck strength and ultimately slowed her down physically we are also seeing a physiotherapist at Chelsea & Westminster.

I had undiagnosed retained placenta for 4 months, one failed attempt to remove the retained products and finally had a successful procedure end of April 2018, 7 months after Arabella was born.

As a result of the trauma of the first failed attempt to remove the retained placenta I developed anxiety and had a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for 11 weeks with IAPTS.