Life with a newborn: My essentials

Being first time parents we didn’t really know what we would want in the way of baby things, we’d read the books and attended antenatal classes so we knew what we needed as a minimum.

Best Moses Basket

A moses basket was pretty high up there on the list for necessaries as we didn’t have enough space in our room or a crib or cot. Practicality led me to purchase a Moba Moses Basket Set, not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it’s made of anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic plastic and can be thoroughly washed, pregnant me was a clean freak so this appealed greatly. It has sturdy handles, over 300 airless (according to their website) and as it isn’t made of wicker it doesn’t make noise when your baby moves. Our baby slept really well in it.

I purchased the Babymoov Swoon Motion Baby Swing Zinc on a whim, no-one seemed to have a particular ‘go-to’ swing to recommend so I chose one that worked for us, in particular when choosing, I liked that it is higher off the ground as we have a dog. It was a little more expensive than other bouncers and rockers but I justified the purchase and it’s been a god-send. Our baby started to get quite bad reflux at around 6 weeks and this was the only thing she could sleep in comfortably during the day. The swing function has worked wonders soothing her to sleep at those difficult times when you’ve tried absolutely everything else. The music isn’t particularly wonderful but I’m yet to find anything for babies with a good music function.

Best Baby Book

Providing the guidelines in a book – Your Baby Week By Week: The ultimate guide to caring for your new baby was a great help in those early weeks.

Best Milk Bottles

We combination fed our baby from quite early on, we were gifted the MAM Anti-Colic Self-Sterilising Bottle Starter Set, White and didn’t really think about different teat shapes or nipple confusion. Our baby happily breastfed, fed from the MAM bottles and sucked on MAM dummies from 2 weeks of age with no problems. One of the best features of the MAM range is the self sterilising. We don’t have lots of space in our London flat so not needing a large steriliser works perfectly for us.

I never quite got the hang of using the nursing pillow for breastfeeding BUT it has been invaluable as a baby nest. We use it everyday for bottle feeding our baby, it’s been great as she’s gotten heavier for keeping her upright after feeds to reduce reflux. A good sturdy pillow is the best.


Using the breastfeeding pillow as a nest

When our baby was about 8 weeks old I decided to purchase a play gym, a friend recommended Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play, Play Mat & Activity Gym – our baby absolutely loves it and will happily lay there talking to the toys, watching the ‘disco’ elephant and now bats the toys as her coordination improves.

Best White Noise Sleep Aid

At times SweetDreamers ewan the dream sheep® – purple has saved our sanity. There’s lots of talk of how terrible it is for babies to rely on white noise to get them to drift off to sleep… In those first few months Ewan worked wonders for us and occasionally he still does. Our baby no longer relies on white noise to go to sleep but there are certain times where he’s still very useful.

The Flensted Scandinavian Swans mobile was a total game changer, we’d have baby meltdowns at every nappy change or after the bath – hanging this mobile (which I’ll admit seemed like expensive paper on wire when I first bought it) above the changing mat changed everything. Now you can blow on the mobile and instead of crying our baby babbles to the moving birds, and when she is screaming you can blow on it and when it catches her eye she stops crying. This mobile has absolutely been worth every single penny.

And for baby maintenance the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare Kit has everything we’ve needed.

Of course these are the things that have worked for us, every baby is different so there are no guarantees!


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