Hematomas in pregnancy

At 8 weeks pregnant, I was sat at home watching TV on a Friday night when I suddenly felt some sharp tummy pains, shortly followed by a huge gush of blood, so much that I couldn’t get to the toilet quick enough there was blood dripping all over the floor (sorry if tmi) I called 111 hoping that they’d calm me down and tell me it was ok, they advised I headed to a local urgent care center. We went to urgent care, and waited to be seen, several hours later we were called to see the doctor – after asking how many weeks pregnant I was she stated ‘It’s likely you’ve miscarried’, we sat there in stunned silence. I explained that a week before I’d had an ultrasound which showed several hematomas, she grunted and asked that I undress and get on the bed so she could take a look, if my cervix was open she could be certain I’d miscarried. She took a very quick look and said, ‘there’s too much blood, I can’t see your cervix.’ Once dressed, I sat back down near her desk and she said again ‘I believe you’ve miscarried, I recommend you go home and relax on the sofa with a hot water bottle’. We couldn’t believe how we’d been spoken to, there are many things I wish I’d said to the doctor – how could she be so cold and hurtful in her delivery of such news. They don’t have ultrasound units at urgent care so there was no way for her to know for sure, the EPU is only open Monday – Friday so I’d have to wait until Monday to arrange an appointment to get confirmation.

Over the weekend I didn’t bleed anymore and had no more cramps, a part of me thought there was a glimmer of hope but also realistically that it was very early in the pregnancy… we spent the weekend in a haze.

First thing Monday I called the EPU and they offered to see me a few hours later. This time I was certain that the doctor would tell me I’d miscarried, I went alone as my husband was unable to break from work in time for the appointment. To my amazement the foetus and heartbeat showed on the screen, the doctor explained that hematomas can pass and can cause bursts of fairly heavy bleeding and cramps. I was off on holiday a few days later and booked an appointment for two weeks later, the EPU would continue to see me as necessary until the regular 12 week scan. The 12 week scan ended up being the fourth scan that I’d had.

The hematomas were present at all the scans we had, after the large bleed I had a little spotting but no more significant bleeding. I found it very frustrating, I felt as though my baby was under constant threat from something I could do nothing to remove, I could only be careful and take it steady. This did nothing to help my anxiety throughout pregnancy, something I didn’t realise was affecting me until quite late on.

There are so many unknowns during your first pregnancy as you have no idea if any of the feelings, physical or emotional, are ‘normal’. Big hugs to anyone else who has had bleeding during pregnancy it’s super scary.

ALSO anyone who’s been on the receiving end of callous care during pregnancy, I have heard from others that they’ve had similar experiences with other medical professionals and I had a terrible experience with an obstetrician myself later down the line – you CAN ask to see someone else, don’t be afraid to ask. I totally took things more personally during pregnancy, I was overprotective of my unborn child and to begin with I accepted the poor attitude such as that experienced at urgent care. It wasn’t ok and I was asked by the doctor at the EPU and the midwife I saw at my next appointment to contact PALS the experience.

Despite the hematomas and bleeding our baby was born a healthy 7lbs 7oz at 39 weeks so if you’re where I was a few months ago – DONT PANIC.


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