We’ve got an early teether, I couldn’t figure out why she was getting so aggy, I was trying everything and getting very upset that our usually happy baby was losing her cool. Then a friend, who doesn’t have kids but has a large family, witnessed one of these meltdowns and pointed out her sore gums – she was teething. Yeah, I felt like a crappy clueless new mum for a minute even though this was totally not the intention of my friend (it’s so difficult not to be hard on yourself). Everything now made total sense – it was pretty late in the day so I immediately called my husband and asked him to purchase teething powder and gel before coming home. Then I went into the nursery and went through the drawers, shelves and cupboards searching for every type of teether we had. They’re the sort of thing you get given at your baby shower or at Christmas and think oh, we’re so far away from that. As I rapidly tore through the packaging of Sophie the giraffe I felt very grateful to the friend who’d gifted this at my baby shower. And the Bam Bam gift set I’d received from work after she was born contained a teether that you could put in the fridge so I quickly stowed it away to cool down.


The baby teether from Bam Bam which you put in the fridge

My husband returned home an hour later, I’d managed to cuddle our angry, pained baby to sleep and was collapsed on the sofa with her on my chest. I didn’t dare move until he’d run her bath and prepared a bottle of milk. I’d been screamed at for almost an hour before she passed out on me and was not ready for that to happen again without being fully prepped. Teething gel at the ready we woke her up, whilst she initially smiled the undressing started her off again, to be fair undressing or dressing our baby is always a bit of a challenge. I put some teething gel on my finger, gently held her cheeks and massaged the gel into her lower gum – the relief was instant, she stopped crying and after blowing some dribble bubbles, smiled at us.

We’re now on day 5 of teething, let me tell you – it is no fun at all. But then I imagine a tooth cutting through my gum and well, that would hurt. Teething is basically another thing to add to the list of possible reasons for your baby being upset, it’s right up there with overtired. We only found out we could use calpol yesterday, of course only when it gets very bad which is usually in the evenings around the time she has her last feed. so giving her a dose 15 mins before she eats has worked well, sucking on the bottle hurts.

Since we realised our baby was teething we have bought a ludicrous amount of different teethers. They say having a baby is expensive – it’s probably because desperate parents buy things

There’s this great game you play – ‘which teether will work?’ where you basically try every single teether you have bought, putting it into their screaming mouth which they quickly clamp down and if they stop crying it’s the right one. Our baby seems to go through phases of liking different ones so it’s a good job we panic bought a tonne.

Preparation is key. If you’re baby is anywhere near 4 months old I’d stock up on teething powder, gel and a couple of teethers – the one we have which goes in the fridge seems to be a firm favourite.

If anyone has any suggestions to help with teething I’d be really interested to hear them as we’re only at the start – there’s a full set waiting to break through and cause chaos.


2 thoughts on “TEETHING: HELP!

  1. Valerie says:

    We like to use a soft washcloth that’s been dipped in cold water and then rung out. Babies (and toddlers) love to suck water, the sucking feels good on their gums, and the temp is cool. Best of all, it’s free!


  2. Chloe says:

    Matchstick monkey is great! We alternate days with one day bonjela ( which we keep in the fridge) and then one day calpol when it gets bad, Good luck!


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