WTF is going on with my body post birth?

In the weeks following the arrival of our little girl there were a few things that really surprised me, of course I expected to be sore, tired and emotional. People often mention the dramatic changes in hormones having an impact on your feelings so I was fully prepped for this.


Newborn cuddles ❤

Firstly, for me my emotion sometimes came out in anger and although there were many times I feel I could justify my outbursts; I was surviving on 3 hours sleep for god sake – don’t test a sleep deprived woman. There were a few occasions where I was definitely a horrible irrational person. One example being the morning, 12 days post birth, when my husband made us a fry up and cooked my eggs wrong. I flew off the handle, screamed at him – I mean how could he not know how I like my eggs after 7 years together?! Poor sod, he shouted back at me, told me that I was being irrational, that just escalated things. I think at one point I even told him to leave whilst balling my eyes out. Thankfully he realised this was only temporary and left me to calm down, within an hour I apologised for my outburst and then cried some more because ultimately I was very hungry and the food was now cold. Remarkably our baby happily slept the whole way through my mini meltdown.

Postpartum body changes

There were other things I wasn’t prepared for:

  1. You sweat A LOT – I stank, sweat just poured out of me, I looked it up and read that it’s due to the hormone levels or something. Either way don’t be alarmed if you smell like you haven’t showered for a month, apparently it’s fairly normal.
  2. Doesn’t matter how you deliver your baby you’ll bleed in the weeks following, all of the girls from my antenatal classes bled for varying times so everyone is different.
  3. Breastfeeding can REALLY hurt, of those who choose to breastfeed everyone has different experiences. We didn’t have a latch problem or tongue tie, our baby had a strong suck and my nipples weren’t hardy enough. They also bled and were super sore, the pain was so intense on some occasions I would bite a pillow and curl my toes.
  4. As my tummy has shrunk the skin has gone dark and is dry. The linea nigra also takes a while to go, mines only just beginning to fade three months later.
  5. To be honest my skin everywhere went dry, I suddenly got eczema on my knees and elbows. I also had a flare up of spots on my chin probably down to changing hormones as well.
  6. HAIR FALLING OUT, ufff no fair but totally normal according to my mummy friends. Mine seems to be coming out in clumps, it also feels like straw. Great!

These are my experiences and those of people I know, you might be lucky enough to feel like a magical unicorn post birth. I didn’t.

I spent pretty much the entire first month walking around our home like an amazonian woman ‘airing’ my nipples wearing only a dressing gown and high waisted granny pants (as normal knickers cut into my c-section scar). I’ll admit I have thrown unnecessary shade at my nearest and dearest because I hadn’t had any sleep and let’s be honest although my baby kept me up it’s not her fault. He’ll forgive me, or probably/hopefully forget, they say the first three months are a blur right?!


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