Exercise Postpartum

Having been pretty active before falling pregnant, I was a little nervous but quite confident I’d easily start exercising once given the all clear from the doctor at the 6 week check up. I did do moderate exercise during pregnancy, in early pregnancy I was asked not to strenuous exercise due to multiple hematomas so I really only exercised between 12 weeks when the threat of miscarriage reduced and stopped again at around 30 weeks when the pain in my pelvis became too much.

Although i was given the all clear to begin exercising by my obstetrician at 6 weeks, I didn’t feel ready. Physically my c-section scar was still sore, my back hurt – it felt as though I’d been hit all over my ribs with a hammer and generally sleep deprivation made me feel under the weather and weak. I had been walking with the pram quite quickly after the c-section so I guess you could class this as some sort of exercise.

This week marks 12 weeks and yesterday I attended my first pilates class postpartum – despite waking up this morning feeling like I’ve been trampled by a herd of cows somehow I feel better for it. It was hard work and I definitely had no control over the rather embarrassing moans and groans which escaped my mouth throughout the entirety of the class. I prefer reformer pilates and attended a class at TEN (https://www.ten.co.uk).


Reformer Pilates at TEN

I think I’ll be running myself a bath later today with some epsom salts in the hope that I can reduce the aches, day two after exercise is always the worst.

Taking a class also offered some ‘me time’, which I haven’t gotten a huge amount of lately, truth be told I don’t like being away from my little girl. Sometimes I question if I have separation anxiety, I probably do. This said, it did feel good to look in the mirror (at my red, sweaty, strained face) and remember that although ‘mummy’ is now a large part of my identity it’s not all I am, I am still me – a new and improved me.




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