Bleeding in early pregnancy

Our pregnancy was a bit of a surprise, we hadn’t expected it to happen so quickly and once the initial shock passed, we were over the moon. It was just sinking in, a few days after finding out, when I started to bleed and had some slight cramps, so I booked in to see the GP and they referred me to the Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) that same afternoon. I called my husband he met me at the hospital, we sat in the waiting room and agreed that as sad as it was, it had all happened so fast that we needed to remain strong, we could always try again.

When the doctor held the ultrasound probe to my tummy I was sure she was going to confirm I’d miscarried but it wasn’t the case, there on the screen was a tiny fetus and a fluttering heart beat. Eeeek! Wonderful news, however what she also showed us were the hematomas, I had 3 that she could find at the time.

From Wikipedia: Chorionic hematoma (also chorionic hemorrhage) is the pooling of blood (hematoma) between the chorion, a membrane surrounding the embryo, and the uterine wall.

Due to the positions and size of the hematomas the doctor recommend I stop playing sport immediately and only do very gentle exercise such as walking which meant running was off the cards and hockey was a definite no no. It was also implied that intimate relations with my husband should be reduced and when engaged in such activity to try not to be too vigorous (!!) I don’t know who felt more awkward about this, us or the young doctor.

We understand, from what the doctors told us, that hematomas don’t generally affect the development of the baby, the worry is more that they could dislodge the embryo.

At 7 weeks pregnant I had to slow down completely, I would have done anything for my unborn child and with the constant threat of miscarriage looming I adapted my life immediately.


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