Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

I wish I’d had someone to tell me to take the pelvic pain I suffered early on in pregnancy more seriously as doing nothing was a big mistake and at 30 weeks pregnant I couldn’t sleep for the pain and was in a real tizzy.

image4Feeling changes in your pelvis is normal throughout pregnancy, I couldn’t fit into any of my normal trousers after 12 weeks, my hips had expanded a crazy amount by then! So I expected to feel discomfort, this is where I was wrong – pelvic pain needs to be flagged early so you can receive extra care if deemed necessary.
By the time I crumpled and was blubbing down the phone to the midwife helpline it was far too late. I’d not slept properly for almost 2 weeks as every time I moved in my sleep I’d wake up in pain and walking had become almost impossible so I was working from home a lot – luckily I was able to do my job from home and when they realised the pain I was suffering they were happy for me to do this more frequently.
The midwife on the helpline referred me immediately to see the physio team who specialise in pregnant women and I saw them the following week, they made an assessment and established that I had a tilted pelvic bone on one side causing severe pain. I then saw the physio each week and they also referred me to another local hospital to attend hydrotherapy classes specifically for pelvic pain in pregnancy.
At a similar time to this we were attending our NCT antenatal classes and the lady taking the classes also recommended that I saw a local Osteopath, who I then also saw each week.
Mentally the pain I’d felt for such a long period brought anxiety about birth that I hadn’t expected – I’ll be sure to share my experience with anxiety soon.
The combination resulted in great improvement over the next month and by the time I was 37 weeks pregnant I could walk and the pain was reduced significantly.
Post pregnancy my pelvis hasn’t been wonderful, 12 weeks on and I’m suffering with some pains around the pelvis on the side which tilted during pregnancy and have lower back pain specifically on that side so I’ve begun to see the Osteopath once more and am also going to start pilates soon to build my core strength back.
Make sure you tell your midwife about pelvic pain – the physio and the hydrotherapy were a great help. It’s so difficult to gauge if pains are worth flagging with your midwife, your body is going through so much, I felt like I had a new complaint every few days some new ache or pain and everyone tells you to expect ‘growing pains’. My advice is to make a list and note down the frequency of the pains so you (and your midwife or GP) can establish if you need extra care. *Side note: Write everything down during pregnancy, my mid was always whirling and I would forget things all the time!

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