Multiple Hemangiomas also known as Strawberry Birthmarks

Ten days after our baby was born a pink mark appeared under her ear, luckily we had a midwife appointment booked for that day so I asked her what she thought it might be – between us we concluded it might have been where her neck was resting on my bracelet as I breastfed her… so the bracelet was immediately removed and I thought nothing of it for a few days until the mark seemed to get more red. After speaking with the midwives again I booked an appointment to see the GP. Fast forward one week, by the time I got an appointment with the GP 15 of these marks had appeared. Of course by this point by googling we had ourselves established that these marks were hemangiomas or ‘strawberry marks’ as some people call them.


The day the first mark appeared

The GP tried not to show her astonishment but couldn’t help exclaiming ‘wow, she really does have them all over!’ NOT helpful, our baby was 4 weeks old and I felt like somehow these marks were my fault. The GP immediately referred us to have an ultrasound, apparently when a baby has multiple hemangiomas they can sometimes also appear on internal organs and must be monitored closely. The ultrasound was booked for the following week and we’ve been led to believe that the organs were ok, it’s a very frustrating process…
We’re now waiting to see a paediatrician to look at the external hemangiomas and establish if treatment is

A few weeks after this mark appeared it was darker and raised, the other marks were also growing bigger and darker

required. There are a few that are growing at an alarmingly fast rate and are in places, such as on her neck under her chin, that seem to now be affecting how she holds her head. On the recommendation of the cranial osteopath and the consultant at ambulatory I tried on a few occasions to have the appointment moved forward, sadly it’s not been possible and the advice is to go to A&E if we’re very concerned which seems ridiculous. We also looked at paying to privately see a specialist but it’s not been easy to find a specialist besides it would be financially crippling to us to go private. It makes you feel completely helpless, 6 weeks on we don’t know much more (only what we’ve learnt on the internet) and have another 4 week wait until we see a paediatrician and even then we’re not seeing a birthmark specialist but hoping that we’ll be referred to one (the GP can’t refer directly to the specialists).
So we wait and take extra care of our precious baby. Will share news as and when we have any.

2 thoughts on “Multiple Hemangiomas also known as Strawberry Birthmarks

  1. LTraynor says:

    My Goodness how scary for you all! If you are at all worried don’t be afraid to go in huni. Dr doesn’t always know best, my daughter M is proof of that. Sending strength and love to you all xx

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