First blog post: 12 Week Reflection

image3-2So we made it, we managed to keep a small person alive through the newborn period and we also managed not to kill each other. WOW. People tell you it’s the hardest part, words cannot explain the challenges you face and yet at the same time you feel more love than you ever knew you could feel. It’s a crazy time full of mixed emotions. I’ve learnt that I definitely do not function well on little sleep but at the same time I can’t nap, which was just wonderful. I’m not sure how I’m still married, my husband has been loving, supportive, tolerant and also completely useless – no one is perfect. Communication is key, something we didn’t figure out until recently and thank heavens we figured it out or I’m pretty sure the big D was on the cards.

Sleep deprivation is a form of torture for sure and then there’s the other evil which lurks, being hangry (anger due to being hungry for those who don’t know) as feeding yourself isn’t always a priority. All in all it’s a rollercoaster ride, the arrival is nothing short of a miracle and there after everything is new or a first and the person you’re primarily trying to help can’t really communicate with you very well so it’s a lot of guess work and ‘fudging it’ as we’ve gone along.

Credit to our baby, she is a gem and I think we dodged the nasties such as severe colic or bad reflux. We’ve definitely gone through phases of her showing colic symptoms and she’s been pretty pukey after feeds (so we moved onto anti reflux formula recently which has worked a treat). She now eats a lot, sleeps for good stretches and happily poops. This said, the past three months have presented lots of new challenges, I’ve never laughed or cried so much in such a short space of time.

My body has ‘bounced’ back to a certain extent and I’m grateful to my friends for complimenting my post baby body but it’s definitely not the same body. Now that my tummy is feeling more healed and the scar from the caesarean isn’t as painful as it was I need to start exercising again so I’ll share more on that as it happens. Feeling bittersweet about getting back in shape, I loved exercise pre baby but due to all the unexpected blips in my pregnancy I couldn’t be as active as I’d wanted to be and am slightly dreading realising just how weak I’ll likely now be and also excited to get the exercise high.

A friend suggested I start this blog, she has her own wonderful blog ( and said how great it was sharing experiences and feeling support from others. I’d love to know if there are others who’ve experienced similar things and have any advice.

We have the second set of immunisations tomorrow which I’ve heard are the best out of the first three so not feeling too worried, I’ve already seen the ridiculously large and out of proportion needle being stabbed into my precious baby’s little leg once… 😥



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